High School Science Bowl & NAQT

What is NAQT?

NAQT stands for National Academic Quiz Tournament, a competition that puts one team of four against another in team style Jeopardy. The topics for NAQT are vast, which means everyone can find their niche, these topics include but certainly are not limited to history, literature, religion, mythology, economics, art, music, theater, politics, current events, geography, science, sports and the very popular 'trash', questions that involve pop culture. 

In tournament play toss up questions are posed to both teams, the first team to have a player buzz in and answer the toss up question correctly then gets to answer a bonus question as a team. 

TVMSC students of all grade levels are welcome to join the Quiz Bowl Team.  The Quiz Bowl Team has placed 1st at the Regional level competitions in 2017, 2016, 2015 and 2014.

What is Science Bowl? 

Picture the game show Jeopardy, except instead of working alone you work in a team, that is Science Bowl and the questions are all about science, engineering and math. Two teams of four players each go head to head buzzing in on toss up questions, these are questions that everyone is free to answer, if you buzz in first. If a player answers the toss up questions correctly then the whole team gets to work on a bonus question, which is worth more points. 

Teams around the country compete in regional tournaments in order to qualify for Nationals, which takes place in Washington DC. The sponsor of Science Bowl, the US Department of Energy, pays for airfare, lodging and meals. The players (students) get to spend 5 days in DC, with one day dedicated for the tournament, the rest of the time is for site seeing and learning more about advancements in science.  

To be eligible to play for TVMSC, students must be in 9th-12th grade and attend Capital High School, Fairmont Junior High or Riverglen Junior High. 

The High School Science Bowl Team has placed 2nd at the Regional Competition in 2016 - 2017.  The team placed 8th in the National High School Science Bowl in 2016.