TVMSC is able to continue offering a unique learning community for our students through generous donations of individuals and organizations throughout the Treasure Valley. These donors recognize the importance of math and science in the lives of all students.

For individuals or organizations who wish to make a donation to the Treasure Valley Math & Science Center, please reference the attached document. All donations to TVMSC are processed through the Boise Public Schools Education Foundation. Donors will receive an acknowledgement of contributions letter for use when filing taxes.


In the 2018 - 2019 school year, TVMSC received a $7,854 grant from the Boise Schools Foundation to acquire equipment and supplies for biology and earth science classes. With this grant we purchased 16 high-quality, cordless dissecting microscopes. These were heavily used in Earth Science, Anatomy and Physiology, and Accelerated Biology classes. These allowed some exciting discoveries by students, for example, tiny snails moving around within their eggs, getting ready to hatch!

We also acquired a professional-grade analytical balance that will make possible various endeavors requiring mass measurements at the milligram level and below.

A number of aquariums and associated supplies were acquired, transforming the Accelerated Biology classroom into a place where we observed and studied principles of population growth and regulation as well as fish and snail behavior and reproductive biology.

We are extremely grateful to the Boise Schools Foundation for their continual support of our endeavors.

TVMSC appreciates Idaho's STEM Action Center! The STEM Action Center provided two travel grants to support our teams in attending National Competitions!

TVMSC's Quiz Bowl team received a $2,000 travel grant to compete at Nationals in Chicago. ($404 from Micron Foundation and the remaining $1,616 from the STEM Action Center)

Team Tators Robotics received $5,000 to complete at the World FIRST Robotics Championships in Houston, TX!

Thank you, STEM Action Center for putting these opportunities within reach of our students and their families!

Posted May 2019

Idaho Lottery 'Scratch' Event

The Treasure Valley Mathematics and Science Center is very grateful to the Idaho Lottery 'Scratch' event for providing the TVMSC staff the opportunity to participate and scratch tickets.  TVMSC's team won $193.00 in this 2018 event! 

TVMSC is very appreciative of this opportunity to participate and win!

Posted October 2018

Donations of BoxTops and Recyclable Technology 

Thank you to our TVMSC families for their support of the TVMSC program throughout the 2018 - 2019 school year.  Our staff sincerely appreciates the many ways that our TVMSC families step up to contribute to the success of the program, in addition to ensuring that our students are provided exceptional opportunities in the extracurricular activities where parents assist our staff.  Your donations of BoxTops and recyclable technology items have assisted TVMSC in raising an impressive amount of money that is applied to offset field trip costs (as we start the new school year), replenishing chemicals and specimens, purchasing of site licenses for mathematics and physics software,  and for the replacing or repairing of scientific equipment for student use. We appreciate your support with these low energy fund raising efforts!  Many thanks to our wonderful Student Leadership students and their sponsor, Mrs. Poppenga for processing the BoxTops this year!  Donations of BoxTops earned $479.60 for TVMSC to use.  Recyclable technology earned $61.40 during the 2018 - 2019 school year.

TVMSC also benefits from the support of many families who have linked their Fred Meyer Rewards Card to the Treasure Valley Math & Science Center (JG016).  In the 2018 - 2019 school year, Kroger Co. Family Stores (Fred Meyer) donated $633.94 to TVMSC.  These funds directly benefit every one of the Center's students as the funds are used to acquire new equipment and materials for use in each of the Center's classrooms and labs.

TVMSC staff and students wish to express our sincere appreciation for this support!

                                                                                                    Posted June 2019