Application Process

NOTE: Student Selection for 2021 - 2022 will conclude with one final Applicant Screening Day on Wednesday, July 28th at 9:00 AM.

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Student Selection Screenings for the 2021 - 2022 school year include Saturday, March 13th, 2021, April 10th, 2021, June 3rd, 2021 or July 28th, 2021. This screening day will be for placing applicants into any remaining unfilled spaces. Applicants only need to participate in one of these four screening day options in order to be considered for entering TVMSC for the 2021-2022 school year. 

Please note that TVMSC does not provide tours or classroom visits on a drop in basis in order to avoid disruptions to the educational process.

INFORMATION about the Student Selection Process for 2021 - 2022 - Linked forms and explanations of the process.


To replace in-person Orientation Night events, two options are available for families to learn more about TVMSC. There are three Google Slide Decks of TVMSC information linked below:

Deck #1 - Overview of TVMSC

Deck #2 - TVMSC's Instructional Program and Components/Expectations/Requirements

Deck #3 - TVMSC's Extracurricular Offerings & Extra Features

The Second Option a Virtual Orientation Night & Overview of the TVMSC program.  This was scheduled for April 1st at 6:30 PM. . 

For any questions or concerns, please email:   or 

To be considered for the 2021 - 2022 TVMSC program, the Applicant's information must be completed on the online 'TVMSC 'Intent to Test/Application' form.  Recommendation Forms will be shared with the applicant's teachers. These documents are linked below:

TVMSC Intent to Test/Application for 2021-2022

Recommendation Forms (Teacher or Adult Advocate)

For completing this online application process, you will need the following documents to scan and upload:

  • Student's Birth Certificate
  • Student's Immunization Record
  • Academic Transcripts (previous 4 semesters if possible)
  • Most recent ISAT or other standardized assessment scores, as available
  • Copy of current IEP or 504 form/information

** Please note: You will also need the names and email addresses for current Math, Science and ELA teachers for the recommendations.

Forms for
 Returning TVMSC students only:

Current and former (but returning) TVMSC students in good standing do not need to retest
, but each current student's performance and conduct will be reviewed. Current students will complete an online Application to Return at the Center in mid-January. TVMSC will ask all current students to complete and submit one of the Application to Return forms stating whether they intend to continue with TVMSC in the 2021-2022 school year.

The 'Application to Return Forms' linked below are for use by current or former TVMSC students to submit to TVMSC's Office in order to return to TVMSC in 2021 - 2022:

Steps involved in the Student Selection Process for TVMSC:

  • There are four Student Selection Screening Days for applicants who wish to enter TVMSC for the 2021-2022 school year.  The applicants will be screened on one of the following dates: Saturday, March 13, 2021, Saturday, April 10, 2021, Thursday, June 3rd or on the Final Screening Day of Wednesday, July 28th once an Intent to Test Form has been turned in to the TVMSC Office to reserve a space and materials for the chosen date and time. (Please reference the forms linked above.) Screening on July 28th begins at 9:00 AM and finishes about 11:00 AM.  To reserve a space for a screening day, please submit an ‘Intent to Test’ form to TVMSC by e-mail or fax. There is no advantage to taking an earlier or later screening day.  All applicant portfolios were held until the end of April and then will be reviewed at the same time at the end of April.  The information linked above becomes information that is used to create the Student Applicant’s Portfolio. Please provide this information to or by fax to (208) 854-6801.
  • No results will be shared from the two screening dates until both screenings have been completed. Applicants will be brought into TVMSC based upon their overall ranking and based upon the contents of the portfolios. Students not selected from the two Screening Dates may be placed onto a temporary Wait List (listed according to their overall ranking) so that if a space opens up, the next person from this list will be invited to join the program. Those applicants not invited for 2021 - 2022 will be advised to wait a year and to reapply at that time. TVMSC generally has about 100 - 120 more applicants than they have space for each year.
  • There is no charge for screening applicants.  As a result, Screening Scores are for use in the TVMSC Selection Process only. These raw scores have no relevance to educational performance of students outside of this selection process.  Asking for the scores will give you three numbers that have no relevance to their performance in other schools or for consideration for other programs. The numbers are NOT the sole consideration for being selected for TVMSC, so even trying to compare scores among applicants will not be meaningful.  This process is not about selecting applicants solely on the basis of three scores.  This is more fully explained at Orientation Night.
  • In late April, the Student Selection Committee reviews the Applicant Portfolios for each of the applicants who participated on one of the two Student Selection Screening Days. Applicants are only considered once they have all of the required materials in their applicant portfolios. Incomplete portfolios are not given consideration. (TVMSC's Student Selection Committee needs to have the applicant screening test scores, copies of the last two years' report cards and the Teacher Recommendation Forms and Adult Advocate Recommendation Forms actually in the portfolio for the student to be considered).
  • All applicants from the Screening Days are reviewed and considered at the same time.  .
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Individual tours, classroom visits or opportunities to shadow current students will not be available in order to preserve the focus and integrity of our instructional programs throughout the Student Selection process. Typically, TVMSC will screen 250 - 300 applicants each spring.  The requests to tour and visit separate of the Orientation Nights proved very disruptive to our classes.
  • To reserve a space for your child at one of the Screening Days, please submit the Intent to Test form to TVMSC's office.  Also fill out and submit the Student Data packet to the TVMSC office. This information will be used to create the Student Applicant’s Portfolio. or by fax to (208) 854-6801.
  • Distribute Teacher Recommendation Forms (linked to this webpage above) to the applicant's teachers during the current school year prior to screening for TVMSC. Information on these forms is confidential. Once the Teachers and Adult Advocates complete the recommendation forms, the documents should be turned in to their current school’s counselor no later than 2 weeks from testing so that counselors can have those documents sent to the TVMSC office prior to the meeting of the Student Selection Committee. If your family is applying from out-of-state, the forms may be mailed directly to TVMSC by the applicant's family or by the teachers.
  • Placement testing for all applicants will be administered from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM on the July 28th test date at Riverglen Junior High School, 6801 N. Gary Lane, Boise. Submission of the Intent to Test forms to TVMSC's Office will reserve a space for applicants for one of these test dates. Applicants only need to attend one of the two dates. Space on each of the screening/test dates for Student Selection Screening is limited to the first 150 applicants for that date.
  • Out-of-state applicants should attempt to attend one of the two screening dates (February or April) as it is anticipated that all spaces will be assigned to interested and qualified applicants from those two dates.  
  • Schools of incoming TVMSC 2021-2022 students will be informed as to which students have been accepted into TVMSC for the upcoming 2020 - 2021 school year.
  • Submit copies of your last 2 years of report cards, ISAT/SBAC scores, Teacher and Adult Recommendation Forms and other relevant documents to the TVMSC office. TVMSC, 6801 N. Gary Lane, Boise ID 83714
  • Actual student selection will be conducted when the Student Selection Committee meets within a week of the Student Screening Day in July.
  • Only applicants who have all of the required forms submitted and testing completed will have their portfolios considered by the Student Selection Committee. Incomplete portfolios will be held until complete, but they may miss consideration by the Student Selection Committee.
  • Notification of acceptance for the successful incoming students will occur by email. Please be certain that the TVMSC office has correct, legible and up-to-date address and e-mail information for your family!

Please check the "About TVMSC" page for information about course prerequisites.

Criteria Used for Student Selection

  • The most recent ISAT/SBAC scores or comparable standardized tests if this state assessment was not taken.
  • TVMSC Placement Tests (mandatory, free of charge). Please note that these test results are for student selection purposes only and will not be distributed to parents or students.
  • Academic record of the last 2 years and current semester, (report cards)
  • Recommendations of Math, Science and English teachers (current) and an Adult Advocate (Parent, Counselor, Administrator, Coach, etc.)
  • In some instances an interview may also be requested.
    For students to enter TVMSC for the 7th Cohort (the lowest entry level of the Center), they need to have completed all levels of Pre-algebra so that they are fully prepared to enter the Center and take Integrated Algebra 1. This course is the first high school credit bearing mathematics course that students take within Boise School District. It begins their official GPA and it will appear on their high school graduation transcript. 
    Prior to being able to enter TVMSC and take Integrated I - Algebra 1, students will complete Honors Math 6 and then either 2 years of Accelerated Math 7 and Accelerated Pre-algebra 8 or they may opt to take one year of this same content in a very compacted form in the course called 'Compacted Math 7/8.'  After either completing Compacted Math 7/8 or Accelerated Pre-algebra 8, they are ready to enter TVMSC and take the 7th cohort classes (and Integrated I - Algebra 1). 
  • IMPORTANT NOTE:  There will be no exceptions to this requirement.  Each school year, TVMSC has needed to exit students during semester 1 due to the gaps in their foundational understandings of Pre-algebra and their struggles with the pacing, complexity and content of the Integrated Algebra 1 courses.  In the best interest of each of our students, we require that all students entering TVMSC for 7th cohort will have completed all possible levels of Pre-algebra prior to entering the Center.

What if the Application Deadline is Missed?

Documents received after the submission deadline of two weeks following testing will be added to the student portfolios but the students will be added to the waiting list pending a possible final Student Selection meeting, but this will only be for placing students onto a Waiting List. 

Notification of Decision

After completing the Student Selection Process (Participated on one of the screening days and submitted all required forms for the portfolio) students will be informed of the Selection Committee's decision within two weeks of the screening in July. Students will either be invited to join the program, be asked to complete a summer mathematics course to address any identified gaps in background, or will be asked to wait at least a year to address areas that could compromise their potential for success in the program prior to re-screening.