Bus Info

Boise School District students have access to school buses to carry them to and from TVMSC and District Schools. 

TVMSC Bus Stops are 'regional' bus stops. Students attending TVMSC for the AM Block of classes must travel to one of the designated locations for TVMSC bus stops in order to ride the TVMSC bus to school. They will be transported back to their neighborhood schools at the end of their AM Block of classes.

Students attending the PM Block of TVMSC classes will be picked up at their neighborhood schools and will then be transported to TVMSC for Lunch and for afternoon classes.  At the end of the PM Block of classes, students will be transported back to their neighborhood schools for the end of the day.

The most recent TVMSC school bus schedule for 2021 - 2022 are linked here.  Please note that school buses are only provided for students attending Boise School District's public schools in addition to TVMSC each day. Non-Boise School District Public School students will use public transportation, carpools or personal transport to and from their other school location each day.