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What is the TVMSC?

  • TVMSC is a unique learning community that serves students who have a strong interest, ability and a desire to excel in mathematics and science. The program serves students in multi-aged, highly challenging science, mathematics, and applied research classes. Instruction involves research-based, hands-on investigations integrating mathematics, science, communication and technology. 
  • The Center runs half-day programs with students in the seventh through twelfth grade cohort groups attending morning or afternoon sessions.
  • Students are not charged tuition for attending TVMSC as this is a program that provides educational services for identified instructional needs within the Boise public school setting.

Who Can Apply?

  • Any public, private, or home-schooled student is eligible to apply for admittance to the Center.
  • Non-Boise District applicants are placed on a space availability basis.
  • Students who are capable of performing at an accelerated 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th or 12th grade academic level regardless of their current age or grade level.

What are the Math Prerequisites?

Due to the demanding nature of the curriculum, students should meet the following prerequisites:

  • Students entering the 7th-grade cohort must have completed Compacted 7/8 Math/Pre-algebra 8 or the equivalent.
  • Students entering the 8th-grade cohort must have completed Integrated I - Algebra or the equivalent.
  • Students entering the 9th-grade cohort must have completed Integrated II - Geometry or the equivalent.
  • Students entering the 10th-grade cohort must have completed Integrated III - Algebra II or the equivalent.
  • Students entering the 11th-grade cohort must have completed Accelerated Pre-calculus or the equivalent.

Students who do not meet these prerequisites may take the necessary courses during summer school courses that are taught within Boise School District.

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