Biology Club

TVMSC's Biology Club meets on Fridays starting from after school and going until about 4:15.  Students who finish at another school may return to TVMSC by 3:15 and step in to the Friday session and participate up until 4:15.

TVMSC's Biology Club is dedicated to fun, hands-on activities studying animals, under close supervision and training by Dr. Whitacre. Club members will go out birding with our high-quality binoculars. The group will learn about birds and mammals by using our collection of study skins, skeletons, and skulls, and we do a good bit of dissection of birds and mammals. The dissection involves at least one modest research project, comparing the digestive tracts of mammals with different food habits.

This year several students will also be making insect collections, which is excellent, since they can do some collecting in the vicinity of school during Bio Club, and they can work on pinning, labeling, and identifying their insects also during Bio Club. 

Dr. W. will also teach interested students how to make museum study skins of mammals and perhaps birds.